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Hi, my name is Rohan (they/them)

I am a Bangladeshi Frontend Web Developer and soon-to-be Masters student at Queen’s University in Canada. I love web technology and learning new things. and I wish to help create an accessible web for everyone.

In research I am facsinated by AI but am very skeptical of usage of technology without understanding its ethical ramifications. I wish to delve into the ethics of AI and help create a sustainable ecosystem of accessible knowledge on the risks of using AI in our systems.

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  • Airport Apprehension

    "In the late 1970s British immigration laws mandated that an engaged woman coming to Britain within three months to marry her fiance did not require a visa for entry. However, if an immigration officer suspected a woman was married, but only pretending to be engaged to gain entry, they could take her for further examination in a “virginity test”. This degrading and humiliating procedure was conducted on the stereotypical assumption that South Asian women would be “submissive, weak and tradition bound” and sometimes even targeted women who had proper paperwork. [1]"

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