Picture of Rohan Faiyaz Khan

About me

Hi, my name is Rohan. 👋 My pronouns are they / them.

✏️ I am a Masters in Computing student at Queen’s University, Canada and am originally from Dhaka, Bangladesh. My research interests involve the ethics and fairness of AI and technology. I look at technology from a post-colonial, anti-racist and anti-queerphobic lens and aspire to see a world where technology can be tools that benefit marginalized communities.

⚡ Previously I have worked as a Fronted Web Developer at XenWorks, a startup in Dhaka developing retail platforms for creating dynamic ecommerce platforms that can handle both inventory management and customer facing store. I mainly used Typescript and React along with TailwindCSS sprinkled in to create beautiful UI and UX. Over my early career I have had the fortune of working under brilliant team leads who have drilled into me the importance of clean, readable and maintainable code. I like to think of myself as framework agnostic and have strong enough fundamentals in basic web technologies that I can quickly adapt to whatever framework is needed (or lack thereof). I also care deeply about UI/UX and hope to create a more accessible web.

❇️ I also LOVE to cook. I love experimenting with new dishes and techniques and post everything I do on my Instagram.

If you want to contact me, my email is the best place to reach me.